Ontario, California

Former Occupation: Office Assistant

Former Income: $14,000

Current Income: $1.3 Million

What A Life!!

From a very early age, Daniel Alonzo knew he wanted to be somebody. Growing up his passion was baseball and art. He played baseball in high school and college. He also took art classes in college and was pursuing becoming a cartoonist. Daniel injured his knee in college and his baseball dreams came to an end. That’s when he started drawing cartoons and sending in his drawings to several publishing companies.

Living The Dream
Daniel & Karma Alonzo

Never seeming to get the answer he was looking for, having little knowledge of how to get a cartoon published, his cartooning dreams began to fade. Right about that same time he was introduced to Primerica by one of his childhood friends. The very first meeting he went to, he knew this was where he was meant to be. He believed everything the speaker told him. He knew, at the young age of 21 that he could win, if he followed the proven system.

Because of what Daniel learned from playing sports, he was very coachable. Daniel got off to a fast start with Primerica, setting up the most appointments and recruiting the most people as a young new recruit. He went on over 20 training appointments with his field trainer. “I knew for me to get good I had to get trained. I wasn’t worried about the money. I really tried hard not to worry about what others thought of me. I just wanted to learn the business and win.” Ultimately because of his determination, he won his Hierarchy’s FAST START AWARD.

“I was young with very little credibility. I figured I had to persist and take massive action until I succeeded. I took a lot of no’s in the early days. Many of my friends told me that I wasn’t smart enough or educated enough. They told me to stay in college and get a “Good Job.” Since I did quit college to go fulltime, I had to prove them all wrong. I was willing to commit. I was willing to get up earlier and stay up later. I was willing to out work the competition.” It only took Daniel 3 years to become an RVP. By the age of 24 he was making $100,000 a year!

Less than a year after he went RVP, Daniel married Karma, his high school sweetheart.
The two had together built a business and now wanted to build a life.
They moved to Rancho Cucamonga and continued to focus on growing their business.

Daniel went in the field recruiting and training, while Karma took care of the administration in the office. Karma also helped with thank you notes, pending business, building relationships and keeping our agents accountable. What a partnership! They believed that with a Big Dream anything was possible. Daniel went on a 5 year run, out producing most in Primerica personally. Truly, leading from the front. Averaging about 3 directs & $10,000 in personal life premium for 5 years straight helped to build the consistency and momentum needed to get their business over the top.

“The leadership and consistency shown was why people followed. I never missed meetings. I always prospected and brought in new recruits. Every week I set appointments. They knew they could count on me. I just focused everyday on recruiting and training new direct recruits. I wanted to inspire the masses. Our people saw my huge vision and wanted to help us build it.”

Daniel & Karma have been one of the most consistent examples of business leadership.  For almost 20 straight years they have grown their income year over year. In 2015 they earned over $1.3 million in total cash flow.

“The financial concepts we have learned here gave us the foundation of saving and investing our money. We didn’t try to impress anyone with fancy things. We were making $300,000 and still driving inexpensive cars. We had a sense of urgency to get set financially. In due course, we became financially independent by age 27. Our son Max, and daughter Ava, have traveled more places than most of the adults we know. This awesome company takes us and many of our leaders on paid for recognition trips each year for our outstanding results. Daniel and Karma have been able to travel the world because of Primerica. Man, I love Primerica!”

Daniel & Karma have the freedom of time and money. They have taken some of their winners on fabulous trips to places like Rome and Venice. They put on great contests each month to inspire their people to compete and win. “Just being able to help other people achieve some of their lifelong dreams has been such a big reward. It’s great to win for your family, but seeing others win is truly special.” Several times a year they travel the country, teaching and inspiring agents in the business. “I tell Karma all the time, what a life! We are living!”

Today, The Alonzo’s are National Sales Directors, with 32 independent Regional Vice President locations & over 1000+ independent licensed agents.  They are part of the companies Field Cabinet & The Prestigious WALL of FAME!  Also, in recognition of their example of partnership they are currently Chair & Co-Chair of Primerica’s Partnership Board of Directors.

“At the end of the day, it is what you think about and focus on with intense passion that will become your reality. Take responsibility for your life. Try to live an excuse free existence. Always do what you say you will do. Karma and I believe that Primerica will give you anything you are willing to work for. It’s not always easy, but so, so worth it. We have changed our family tree forever, achieved so many goals and dreams that it is now our mission to help as many other families as possible do the same.”

Company Overview
Primerica is a Main Street company for Main Street North America. Our mission is to help families earn more income and become properly protected, debt free and financially independent. The new Primerica has emerged as one of the most dynamic companies in business today. We are now the largest financial services marketing firm in North America.

Personal Income
From January 1 through December 31, 2016, Primerica paid cash flow to its North American sales force at an average of $6,088 per life licensed representative. Average cash flow includes commissions paid on all lines of business, and reflects combined U. S. and Canadian dollars remaining in the local currency earned by the representative. Exchange rates fluctuate daily and could impact the average.

Any cash flows stated represent gross income only. All commissions are subject to Deferred Commission Account withholding and applicable taxes, and Representatives are responsible for their own business expenses. All commissions and bonus payments are subject to applicable Primerica agent agreements and Operating Guidelines. Commission rates, rules and procedures and bonus programs are subject to change in any manner from time to time, including adjustments to renewal commissions on product sales previously made. Primerica may from time to time modify, supplement or terminate any of the compensation in any manner. Additional details are available from Primerica.